Our Passion is about you and your child

Welcome to Hannaford Learning Centre.  We would love to start by saying that it is important for us that our parents know that everything we do, is in the best interest of you and your child.  Our centre is here to provide a space to assist you and solve any educational problems.

The human instinct is to play and explore. Studies show that children who learn through play and exploration, go on to be fulfilled, effective adults in the larger culture. Instead of prodding, Hannaford provides a rich setting within which learners play, explore, and learn first-hand. Schooling, as it exists today, is a product of history. At Hannaford we have abandoned the idea that schools are products of logical necessity. Repetition and memorization of lessons is tedious work for children, whose instincts urge them to constantly play freely and explore the world on their own. There has been a surge in learning difficulties. One reason is the modification of lifestyle and the change in human behaviour. The human body is interconnected, and it is crucial to understand how children learn before we can teach them. At Hannaford we understand the psychology of learning and facilitate children who need to learn in a way that the body knows BEST. We do not all render to the same way of learning. Learning is simple, learning is easy and can be a fantastic journey, if we honour the process of learning. Learning is not simply remembering facts. 

We look forward to embark on this educational journey with you.

What is Brain Gym & Academix at Hannaford?

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