Hannaford’s Story

We are a learning centre providing a space for children to come and learn in a way that is comfortable to them. All learners are different, and we make provision for that at Hannaford. Our mentors facilitate the learners when they play and explore and by doing that children learn. At Hannaford we explore diverse ways of facilitating learners to be able to flourish. We have no limits at our centre and will find the best way to honour the child as a whole person. Learning is hard work; it is not something that children must be forced to do, rather something that will happen naturally through children’s self-chosen activities. At Hannaford we work with a range of curriculums, educational products (Bridging the Gap, Brain Gym, Academix), incorporate the 9 Intelligences (work done by Howard Gardner) and  focus on the love language of your child. We have close relationships with our parents and we always ask our parents to follow their gut about the education of their child. “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton said this, and at Hannaford we are standing on the shoulders of giants and have collaborated with amazing people to be able to facilitate learners.

Our story started years ago while I was teaching at a school. Being young and naïve you tend to believe what you are told, and naturally or in most cases you think that it is the only way. Soon I realised that not all the learners in my classroom was responding to me “as supposed” to. Naturally, I asked myself why can’t the learner cope in my class? And then it clicked, as the teacher I was the common factor in the classroom, and how is it fair or even possible for all these learners to render to my style of teaching? Why are we seeing increasingly unhappy, anxiety filled, deeply unmotivated learners? Why are all schools structured in the same way? Why does society go to a great deal of trouble and expense to provide such schools? Why do people naturally tend to assume that there must be some good, logical reason for all this? Why are educators, society and parents constantly striving for perfection when it boils down to the education of children? Who taught us that we need to be perfect? If we have scientific evidence telling us how children learn, why are we not doing so? Why are our societies trying to “fix” our children? And when they do not “fit”, they are sent to a “special school” before they can return to mainstream. So, then I asked myself: “What magic can happen in this special environment?” Why must we leave parents disempowered and believing that there is something wrong with their child? Subsequently I started to see the damage and the heartbreak of these families. I saw disheartened parents with heavily medicated children. I saw naturally curious children treated as empty vessels being filled with facts and learning nothing. I knew I had to silence all the questions troubling my heavy heart. So, I embarked on a journey of discovery. Hannaford was born out of the love of inclusion for all.

What We Believe

Our Vision

Our soul mission is to facilitate every child to become the best version of themselves and to prepare them to become functional adults. To develop each child holistically and to honour the child and their learning.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to create happy, anxiety free, curious, flexible and deeply motivated learners who can be part of society. To create awareness and educate about the importance of inclusion and holistic development of all children. We strongly believe in changing the environment of the child, instead of trying to “change or fix” our children.

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