What is Brain Gym and why does my child need it?

At Hannaford Learning Centre, we are very proud to offer Brain Gym to all our students as part of the curriculum.


Brain Gym is a series of movements and postures specifically compiled with the purpose of integrating the body and the brain. The movements build pathways in the brain. It is a practical process to identify inefficient habits and to transform old habits or behaviour. People who find learning and remembering easy, have a myriad of pathways and highways to all parts of the brain. Learning is a process that never stops and it is not all in our head. We anchor learning through movement. Learning is fun with Brain Gym and this is done through neuro-integration using quick and energising movements. It is a common-sense, non-invasive alternative to drug therapy.

Behaviours as listed below can be addressed:

Motivation, Memory, Trauma, ADD/ADHD, Learning abilities, Stress management, Self-awarness, Concentration, Self-esteem and Co-ordination.

We also focus on Communication, Spatial, Intelligence and Goal setting.

  Some of the Movement and Activity Cards




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