Parent Testimonials

My son Sebastian has been with Kelly and Sharon for five years now and it has been an excellent five years in terms of his development, his academic achievements and general well being.

The school is perfect for his personality and he has excelled academically. The amount of work and support Kelly and Sharon provide their learners are invaluable.

Besides the obvious academic support, the children at Hannaford Education are also encouraged to be respectful of themselves, their peers and the adults in their life. Compassion, support and leadership skills are also taught and bullying is actively discouraged.

I have no hesitation in recommending Hannaford Education to any parent. My son is a walking testament to their excellence.

Yvonne Grimbeek

I have had a very positive experience at Hannaford Education in the three months my son has attended. Thanks to teacher Kelly’s hard work and dedication my son has caught up with his peers academically.

I am extremely grateful to teacher Kelly for taking the time to research and read up about my son’s conditions and accepting him just for who he is with his various challenges.

I appreciate the routine, structure, discipline and respect at Hannaford Education as well as the high standard of work expected. The communication between the school and parents are excellent.

I’m also very grateful that the school opens at 07:00 and offers aftercare until 17:00. This is a huge draw card for me as a working parent.


We LOVE the school and your open door policy has been exactly that, open. Our son, Thomas, is flourishing and excited to go to school every day. We truly appreciate how you go out of your way for our son.

Thomas has only been there for two quarters and his academic and emotional growth really surprised us.

Markus and Gizela Labuschagne

We have definitely noticed a big difference in our son since he joined Hannaford Education last year. He has come on leaps and bounds in all areas of his school work. He is far more confident, focussed and positive.

We are particularly pleased that his English and Reading Skills have improved so much. His attitude and self-esteem have vastly improved. We are extremely pleased with his progress and are most grateful to Kelly for her tireless effort in helping our son to achieve so much.

Our son really enjoys coming to school and this is all down to the caring environment that Kelly and Sharon provides at Hannaford Education.

Nicola Bhikha

It is with great pleasure that we write this testimonial. Our son Omolemo has been very happy at Hannaford Education and he has been doing well in his studies since he changed schools. Also the levels of anxiety and stress have significantly come down.

We noticed that Brain Gym has been working well for him, especially when he gets tired or starting to lose concentration when we do homework. Omolemo said the highlight of his year in 2015 was changing schools.

We have been happy with the school and appreciate the effort and passion to aid our kids to do well with their studies. We also appreciate the flexibility to pick up kids later that the stipulated end time. We like the fact that the kids go on excursions to help them see the bigger world.

Simon and Lindi Lerefolo

My son Jesse started with Kelly at Hannaford Education in 2014. He was very demotivated about any type of school work and was not willing to even try to further his education or achieve any goals. Since he has been working with Kelly and her methods of education, Jesse has improved his work ethic and has passed all his subjects. His concentration has increased and is for the most part self motivated to do his work and studies on his own.

It is with great pride in Jesse’s achievements that I highly recommend Hannaford Education for any child who is despondent about school and has no motivation to participate in any activities.


My experience at Hannaford Education has been nothing but a great and an extraordinary adventure.

It’s the best home schooling environment any parent could have or wish for, if only all schools could be like this, then maybe most of the school children could be like all the ones at Hannaford because there is love, care and most of all the children are all appreciated and spoken to like human beings and not a statistic.

I feel Hannaford Education should be rated as one of the top schools in Gauteng.


My daughter Emma is a student at Hannaford Education in Linden. When she started at the school she struggled with work, she was unable to write in a line and she could not for the life of her start writing at the margin. She also had great difficulty with concentration and completing her tasks, but since starting at Hannaford Education her work has improved tremendously.

She is able to work with concentration for extended periods of time without getting distracted; she’s enjoying school for the first time and takes pride in her abilities. I’m extremely pleased with her development and look forward to the time ahead.

Tanya Schoonraad

Firstly, I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for what you bring to our life as a family but most importantly the difference and contribution you are making in our son’s life, Blaike. We are so grateful.

I can’t believe how awesome Brain Gym is and what difference it has made, comparing my son two years ago, he is more centred and much calmer.

It has been quite some time since our son got so excited talking about his friends he made at Hannaford Education. This shows me that he is comfortable in this environment and he is not hiding like he used to at the other schools, he adores his friends.

Renee Crous

At Hannaford, learning is fun, stimulating and interesting!

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